The Classic

Durabox Salt Bin


Volume - 8 Cu Ft. Colour: Blue


By The Box

32" Width x 23" Length x 30" Height, Weight 20 lbs, Dimensional Weight 132 lbs


By The Skid

15 Duraboxes Per Skid, 50" Width x 58" Length x 95" Height, Weight 375 lbs


Features Built In

  • Molded-In Handles

  • Double Walled Reinforced Lid

  • Extra Strength Ribbed Side

  • Maintenance Free

  • Durable Non-Rusting Concealed Nylon Rod Hinge

  • Molded In Lid Stop

  • Stackable

  • Molded Forklift Feet

Where to use them?

Perfect For Storing Sand/Salt at...

  • Businesses

  • Condos

  • Public & Private Walkways

  • Campgrounds


Garage: Storing Tools, Equipment, Etc. 
Dock: Keeping Your Boating Accessories Right Where You Need Them 
Arena/Gyms: Perfect Size For Balls, Bats and All Your Other Equipment 
Pool: Perfect for Vacuum Hoses, Pool Pucks and Floaties
Garbage: Easily Store Your Garbage and Affix A Lock To Keep Out Pests

The Estate

Sandstone Salt Box


Newest addition

Classic Box, New Look

The Estate Box Is The Newest Box In The Durabox Line-up Sporting The Same Features As The Classic But With A Fresh New Look. Perfect For Estates, Corporate Offices, Hospitals and Other Locales Where A More Elegant Color Is Better Suited. For Information On Pricing Contact Your Local Dealer!

Hamilton Salt Bin Mock

Custom Orders

Minimum Order is 150 Boxes


Just Like In The Pictures!
Colors of Your Choice
Permanently Emboss Your Logo Into The Lid. No Stickers, No Fuss.
For More Details Please Call 1-800-661-8708 or E-Mail

The Durascoop

Durascoop Salt Scoop


1 Gallon Scoop

By The Scoop

6" Width x 13" Length x 6" Height, Weight 1.6lbs, Dimensional Weight 3lbs

By The Box

18 Durascoops Per Box, 21" Width x 21" Length x 20" Height, Weight 30lbs


Features Built In

  • Ergonomic Handle

  • Industrial Strength

  • Light Weight

  • Stackable

Ideal for

Products like

  • Salt

  • Sand

  • Farm Feed

  • Compost/Garden

  • Industrial

Snow Markers




Dealer Inquires Welcomed

If You Think You Would Be A Great Fit For The Durabox and Durascoop Distribution Network We Would Be More Then Happy To Talk With You About Opportunities. 
Please Call 1-800-661-8708

Outdoor Supplies & Equipment Inc.


Since 1994

Outdoor Supplies & Equipment Inc Has Been Bringing You The Industry Standard For Salt Bins. By Constantly Improving and Building Upon The Design Of The Durabox, Along With Using The Highest Quality Materials Crafted By Canadian Hands, We Strive For Perfection. Being Sold Coast to Coast and Internationally We Hope To Make It As Easy As Possible For You To Have A Durabox.


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